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Cabin Fan-Clogged I need to fix it fast!

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My SR5 this winter has been kind to me and decided that its heater core will stop working. Especially with such record-breaking lows this winter. My Sedan's heater core works but the fan is clogged. I desperately need to either un-clog the fan of my sedan, or transplant the heater core to my SR5. Can anyone provide some write ups for how to do this? The quicker the better, I can't feel my toes!
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I'm not sure on how to take the heater core out as I haven't had to deal with mine yet, but if you remove the glove box, you can see it all and it will make it easier for you to take it out. Remove the passanger seat too so you can lay inside the car and close the door so that you're not as cold. :)
Well, no big deal anyways the car sold this morning! $250 hells yeah!
And the fan is no where near the heatercore.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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