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CACressida + Turbo

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Step one

Hello 7M-GTE

Step two

Step three

And it runs...
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Nice MO... good job... now you can do mine... :)
Nice, very nice, Mo.
Spank you.. both of you ;)
Wanna do a 5M-GTE?? haha
I used to have the 5MGTE set up in my car
such a sweet ride
just some updated pix. stripped the interior. I will be lining the inside floor panel and walls with asphalt for extra sound deadening and rust protection.. not that it needs any rust protection.

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Well, lets set aside the blue car with the body work and bring up the gold cars progress report. Yesterday I just recieved my freshly honed and decked block with new pistons and rings. The crank and rods were rebuilt units. The block was overbored .030"

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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