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I'm pretty new to the whole mechanic mod thing for cars so bear with me. :)

I looked in the complete DIY thread and there is only guide to install CAI into a gen3 5sfe (according to some research, it's shown to be the 2.2L I4 DOHC). So first of all, what kind of engine does my 94 camry v6 3.0l xle carry? And how is CAI installation different or even possible? Thank you

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hmm $300, I thought it should be 10x less than that...
That's $300 for an AEM intake, they are one of the best. You will barely find just a filter for 10x less ($30). If you want it to be cheaper you could make your own piping, but still expect to pay $100 for everything, if you do a quality job. Also you might be able to find that AEM cheaper, I just spent 30 seconds doing a search for it, so I'm sure they're cheaper somewhere.

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What's with the tube and the black small box. Can I just replace the big black air box with the filter on the original black tube? About how effective can that method get?
The small hose goes to the front valve cover for cooling I think, but if you to get a intake in comes with a nipple for that tube. As for the small black box, I think its purpose is to help with sound. If you get a CAI you will lose that box and just have a straight pipe. Now you can replace the filter box with a cone filter, but you will have a short ram intake instead of a cold air intake. Either way will gain very little power, but a cold air intake is best because it doesn't suck up the hot air in the engine bay.

Heres my AEM intake if it helps.

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