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ok so my CAI is done and yes it was strictly a Do It Yourself kind of thing....luckily i sort of knew what i was doin and my friend nick was there to help me along the way....i DON'T however have pictures just yet but i will shortly as soon as i find some replacement batteries for my camera....i used my existing 3in. short ram intake and attache a series or 2in. pvc pipe and rubber 90 degree "elbows to work my way down towards the cold air.

Materials need for this project (if you already have an existing short ram intake):

1 - short ram intake air pipe

2 - 3" to 2" rubber pipe connectors (they come with fasteners)

1 - 2 feet section of 2" pvc pipe

1 - handsaw (preferably a hacksaw that COULD cut through metal, it makes cutting a LOT easier)

2 - rubber elbow connectors (2" to 2")

1 - socket wrench to remove battery and the little battery stand underneath the battery just to get it out of the way

1 - Carjack and stands if you have em....i would even recommend takin your wheel off it would to get under your car

1 - Air filter, preferably cone filter with the little cone opening in the bottom however a regular cone filter will work as well

1 - one side adhesive magnetic strip/styrofoam strip....whatever to ensure a tight fit between the filter and the 2" to 3" adapter

1 - flathead screwdriver to tighten down fasteners

2 - hours of your time and patience

and voila! your CAI

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hopefully i get to try this sometime, but i'm not sure if i can get all the parts needed in Belize so i guess it'll have to wait until i can get the parts fomr somewhere else.
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