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Hey i wanted to know whether any of you guys would know whether this would fit in the 2001 camry 5SF-E along with a secret weapon intake. Its the cold air box that is made for the 00-03 celica they also make a box for the MR-S too i didnt know whether i could buy that and make it fit?

Here is a link to the two places that has the celica one and MR-S one

Thanks :)

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well considering theres no pic of it on either of thoes applications it leads me to believe that its semi universal so it may work, but it all depends where the opening in the box is for the filter. personally id do what most of us do and jsut custom make one.

either gehtto like mine have been with flex tubing snaked into the fender or get somthing liek specter tubing pieces from an auto parts store and piece it together. the first option is much cheaper however and thats even what im rollong with now. gonne change it eventually cuz it looks like poo but its working fine for me now

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because of my thread "hid's or cai you vote!!" what is the difference between this ^ and a sri they both have the same part number and i think they are the same but i ain't sure
An sri has decreased piping compared to the stock intake so the theory is that it enables air to get to the engine more effectively due to the shortage of piping. A cai will be the same length as the stock intake or longer. Some cai's will increase the amount of tubing so that the air filter can be placed in locations away from the hot engine and near areas that encounter a lot of air, i.e. the grill, above the wheel well, behind the headlight, etc.
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