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Calculating your top speed per gear

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I added a caluclator to my Site that will allow you to figure out your top speed in each gear.
You can use the calculator here.

The Rear Gear Ratio for a stock turbo MR2 is 4.28

The Trans Gear Ratios are:
3.23 - 1st gear
1.91 - 2nd gear
1.25 - 3rd gear
.918 - 4th gear
.731 - 5th gear

I hope this helpful :)
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This might help figuring out your tire diameter:

Every manufacturer will be slightly different and/or the tire fitment depending on rim width, but at least this will get you "close."
yea its a couple shades smaller for the N/A...

like 4.13 or something like that.... but 4.28 is kinda high for a car that will do like 160 mph stock.

i think its to compensate for the short exhaust...
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