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I just bought a cbaldina 96 ST195. Its been fun working on it. I am trying to get the remote locking working as it is a pain walking round and back when my daughter is in the back to unlock/lock the doors.

I read this thread online and it went through a programming sequence which I though I would do to see if it would be possible to buy a fob.

The cars locking locked and unlocked at the end of the sequence so I assumed that it would work with the right fob. I bought one off eBay.

It says 1512T-1 and is a to button remote for a 96 corolla or carina. I assumed it would work but it does not seem to.

Does anyone know what the correct remote fob would be for this vehicle? Much appreciated.

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To be honest I've never seen a 195 Caldina with factory remote locking before, and there are boatloads of them down here in NZ. Even my top spec NZ new 191 Corona doesn't have that. If yours is JDM then I don't think it does have remote locking. I think you'd be better off installing an aftermarket alarm that has remote locking with it.
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