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Caliper on 01 +pads n rotors

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Ok, I am going to tackle my brake issue soon. I am afraid I may have to replace my front calipers. My car is a daily driver, with the ocassional hard drving on the weekends, so I do not need super performance racing pads and whatnot (or do I?). However, I would like a slight upgrade from stock. I am looking for a little bit more braking power, but most of all, long life, no dust, no noise.

If I need to replace my calipers,

1. What kind of calipers should I get and why?

2. Where can I order them? (I read threads with links but many of the popular ones sell only rotors n pads)

3. I plan on going Full-ceramic on my pads, maybe Akebono or Hawk. Is this a good idea for what I want? I read it is, but just double checking.

4. I am thinking of going to TireRack and ordering the Brembo replacement rotors if I need them, are those ideal for what I am looking for?

Thanks to any and all who have the patience to look at all of this and reply.

Thx. :thumbup:
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Damn, no help eh. Oh well. I'm still stuck on what rotors to get, but I'll call RockAuto I noticed they have a bunch.
You should have the Akebono Pro ACT pads already (OEM) and the dealer will sell you the same ones in a toyota parts box.

As for rotors... best value are the Brembo blanks with no slot/holes... as far as I know, the slots or holes are cut in by another source.

Raybestos, they have some severe duty pads and rotors. The slots/vanes and holes are put in at their manufacturing facility. you may need to reference parts specified for the Sienna van or Highlander.
my eyes keep diverting to the Akebono calipers on rock autos site. They are pricey tho and I am wondering if they are too much for what I am doing?

Thx for the reply.
I think I'll have to look at mine (CE and the xle) this weekend to see who makes the calipers.

The pre loaded ones are Remanufactured.
Thanks for the link. Funny, I called Rock A and the rep gave me no help what so ever. I basically asked what made the Akebonos so much btter than the Raybestos they sell and I received nothing specific. Lol. Oh well.

I'll probably go with the Akebonos only coz I was gonna go with their pads anyway, but before I do I'll probably do a comparison from the info on both sites.

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