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caliper paint

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before i start, yes i did do a search. and i do realize i'm gonna get flamed regardless.

anywys, i wanna paint my calipers, but i wanna paint them body color with balck decals. I can get the decals, but where can i get hi-temp paint that's body colored? i read a suggestion to take my touch up paint to Home-depot and have them mix up a can of high temp ceramic paint that's the same color. Do you think this would work, and about how much would it cost? also, it's a metallic color, would that make a difference? thanks guys (and girls).

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I bought some gloss black caliper paint at autozone a while ago i think its supposed to be good to pretty high temps. It was like $8 for a whole spray can. Havent had any problems with it.
i paid $4 for some high temp paint at kragen. and it looks pretty good
What color are we talking about?

And in order to get the clr of your car i think ur gonna have to do a lotta mixing.
It doesn't hurt to try.
Paint it first with a few coats of highh temp paint, gray or black, depends on what color you want in the end. Then paint it with body color paint. Heat is not the worst for the paint, brake fluid and chipping from servicing is.
so u're saying to try a hi-temp paint, and then regular touch-up paint, then like a clearcoat or something? that's just might work!

anyone think this'll work, or should i just try to get it mixed.

my stock body color is desert silver metallic...
I had a chat with a guy who sold his wheel on clublexus a while back. Anyhow..he just painted it with engine high-temp paint (as a lot of people suggest)..then he bought hi temp decals and after that he uses clear coat every month. The painting/decal are a sure thing for a year (or two)..but the clear needs to be done more often (at least from what i've heard). ME: i just did the paint and left it alone..its now 2.5 years later..i need to touchup on it again!
Let me ask my friend. He just painted them like a week ago.
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