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Caliper Rebuild Kit

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My front pass. side brakes are dragging a bit on my 05 corolla... Upon inspection I noticed that the piston dust boots were torn on both front calipers.

Im gathering that the problem may be that the tear in the dust boot is causing dirt and moisture to enter and not allowing the caliper to retract...

I found a rebuild kit

Ill be able to get to this next week... How pressing is it to overhaul the caliper?? Should I do both since the boots are both torn even though only one is dragging?

Also does anyone know if the kit comes with parts for both calipers??

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It is a bad idea to rebuild a caliper that you are having issues with like dragging. The calipers have close tolerances and wear out like all moving parts. Do yourself a favor and replace the calipers with new/rebuilt calipers. When these calipers are rebuilt they are rehoned and refitted with a piston that fits the caliper housing. If your caliper housing has any wear you will be wasting your time.
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