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Call me Retarded?!?!?!?!

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Nevermind. My bad! I figured out the question I had posted here a bit ago.
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Thanks man! I was hoping someone would reply in some way to my retardation.
LOL Now that's the attitude I like to see. You know so many people get so hostile when someone makes a not so pleasant comment, yet at the same time, intended as nothing more than a joke. But no, not you. Way to go.

You know, when I was checking the threads and I saw your thread bolded after I replied and saw your name as the most recent respondent, I thought, "shit, I can't wait to see your unfavourable reply". Boy, was I surprised to see your response - one made in the spirit of good humour.

Further to your inquiry in the other thread that you posted about reading the codes from the computer in your car, I saw that you received quite a helpfull response from Rick. He sounds like a good guy, Best of luck with your inquiry. I hope you find a solution to your query.
What's life if ya can't make fun of yourself sometimes?!?!?! No harm in people cracking jokes about my stupidity. Makes it all the funner!

I do hope to get the few bugs worked out of the car. I think I'll get it done, thanks to Rick.
WERD :werd:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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