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camber kits and fwd

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I was just wondering the positive and negative impacts of a front camber kit on a front wheel drive car. i am going with superlow kingsprings on my camry and belive the camber kit will eliminate scrubbing and will also look good. im not sure what to call the camber i am going to apply, but the top would be rotated towards the engine. so thats negative camber right?

so i alredy know about the uneven tyre wear, that is without rotation so please let me know of your experiences and knowledge of this mod.
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it's mostly to keep your tires straight so u don't get uneven wearing... toward the engine is - out is +
A little bit of negative camber is okay. But to much will cause excessive wear on the inside of the tires.

Theres camber, caster, and toe.
So are there any effects on handling? so a camber of around -1.5 degrees would be good? not to much?
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