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Camper Shell for '95

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Looking for camper shell for '95 with extended cab.
Live in the San Diego area.

Help?!?! Never purchased a camper shell before. Don't know where to begin the search.
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Craigslist is a good bet.
Here's one at $400, which is overpriced imo.

$300-350 is about the most I'd pay, 200-250 would be a good price, 100 a steal. But prices may be more in your area.

Make sure it's an extended cab shell, as the angle of the back window is different than the reg cab. The 89 through 95 extended cabs are all the same.

I got a good deal on a used ARE at a camper shell place, so it's worth calling the local businesses. You could probably drive a pretty good deal with them, too.
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