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camry 3sgte swap mount

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I have now a problem with my installation I have to completely start over with the system v6. 1992 to take mounts
My question is about changing the mount back at the ink is positioning axle, I change the bearing of place? Then I can use the suport of v6 before gte on 3s without changing?
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i musta had a stroke.....

Get a better online translator man, then we can help
christ what does that even say. It's like flollilopy, it makes no sense.
i was just looking at the thread featuring his car! I remember this dude! He came here when Mox took pics of his car, that green 3sgte coupe. Shit i just downloaded the pics! :lol:

re 3sgte swap

Yes it is me who has not been very courteous in an old tread I apologize I had a lot of misery in a discussion of English that I am not bilingual I have misunderstood some interpreted that I had received post, then I I have not been very polite, well ...
Now I want to start something new, trying to better reflect not to mislead
we'd be happy to help, but we need a better translation man.
that's all well and good. We just can't really understand the first post in this thread. We can't help you without a better translation. If you could clarify the first post we'd be glad to help.

Presentement my situation,
My camry famous green body work is very large project of body!
I was running my facility with my original support system (5sfe) of a lot of breakage (transmission)
I have reinstalled my engine with the media adéquois, by the Board of mox, I buy a manual 1992 camry v6
My problem now

My problem now, I want to see the changes clear that I do support at the rear (moving the shaft bearing?)
I can use the front support v6 engine on the 3sgte without changing?
I am really determined to install the engine so that there remains till death lol
i think we need to find someone who speaks french.
I think he is trying to ask weather the engine mounts on a V6 camry will line up with a 3sgte engine and wether he can use the drive-axle bearing mount from the V6 on the 3sgte.
re 3sgte mount

my cousin help my for traduction,...
Hello again ,
My question is regarding the engine support front and back , my installation was with the original (5sfe) support now due to many breaks of transmission I bought a camry v6 92 standard shift to use the transmission support. I would like to know if I can use the front support v6 on the 3sgte without modifying anything . I would also like to know the procedure to follow to install the rear support ,must I change the axle shaft or move the bearing ? I need clear details cause I would like to install the engine for the last time!
I also need some advice concerning my engine due to breakage 3 times I damaged the area where I screw the rear support …I have a couple of pictures I would like to know if I haftoo change the block or if its salvageable !?!
you know what's funny. i looked at the thread from when this car was first discovered and you guys suck. it's a modified camry and the guy put it together with aparently little funds. i give this guy props on his swap cause he did it and it's not common. it doesn't matter that it isn'tclean and shiny geez.

i wish i can help on this swap but i haven't had the chance to do a 3s swap yet. good luck man
I'm out of my experience area here, wish i could help.
As far as I can tell, he wants to swap the V-6 tranny into his 3SGTE coupe and needs to know whats involved.
Basically the same as a V-6 tranny to 5SFE I should think. Owing to Toyota's handy little family-cross-compatibility. (i.e. "S" family engines should all be near-drop in to each other, "A" family, "JZ" family.... etc)

I actually wouldn't mind knowing this either... My 5SFE tranny is a little clunky and doesn't like my 2nd-5th or 3rd-5th shifts. What? Getting to 60mph in 2nd then popping to 5th! lol... I'm not nice to my cars...
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