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Camry 90K service

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Hi Folks,
My Camry has been a pet for the dealer for the last 90K miles and the deale made a good chunk of money on the maintenance. As my car is old already, I thought I'd giver her a break from the dealer. Will it be alright if I have a local mechanic to work on the car for a 90K service (timing belt, transmission etc.,). If so, what do I tell him to do? Is there a list of common 90K maintenance task list? Your input is highly appreciated.
- gangarajuk
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here's the recomended schedule, do all of this and your engine should be happy

250 miles or weekly

- engine oil check
- coolant level check
- windshield washer level check
- brake and clutch fluid level check
- check tires and pressure

3000 miles or 3 months

- power steering level check (i'd do this every week, you're there anyways)
- check tranny oil level (again i do this every week)
- change engine oil and filter

6000 miles or 6 months

- inspect/replace wiper blades
- check clutch play
- check/service battery (not much to do there, maybe clean the terminals)
- check/adjust serpentine belt
- inspect hoses
- check cooling system (?? thermostat opening/closing? coolant colour?)
- rotate tires

15000 miles or 12 months

- check/adjust brakes
- replace air filter
- inspect fuel system
- check differential fluid level
- inspect suspension and steering systems
- check driveaxle boots

30000 miles or 24 months

- replace fuel filter
- change coolant (every 60 months for the red stuff)
- inspect the evaporative emissions control system
- inspect the exhaust system
- change tranny fluid
- change differential fluid
- check and tighten critical chassis and body fasteners
- inspect and replace if necesary the spark plug wires distributor cap and rotor

60000 miles or 48 months

- check valve clearance (that's a bit too hardcore for me)
- change timing belt (DO NOT stretch this past, change it earlier if you think you're gonna get caught doing it late)
- replace fuel tank cap gasket
- replace pcv valve
- replace spark plugs
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