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Camry 94

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i have 2 questions
1st one is that i bought couple washer light for my car and i am trying to put it with my break light. Another word when i press the break i want this light to go on. how can i connect that please let me know

2nd one is that my backing (reverse) light does not work. When i try to reverse my car, the white light does not go on. The bulb is all right.
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easiest way for your washers (altho i dont like them, dispite the fact that i had them) is to probly just find the fuse for your break lights (probly under your dash on the driver side) course thisll probly require you to drill thru your fire wall unless you go thru your wheel well, or theres a brake fuse in your engine bay.

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His car in his sig looks different every couple of days, something tells me thats a chop, hopefully, cause thats really freaking pink. It hurts my eyes.

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Mayne Event said: your car really that pink? My gf would LOVE that car......hell I would drive is for pimps

Yeah he changes it every other day or so. It is actually more like a silver/gray color If I remember right. A couple of weeks ago he started putting the movie posters on it in his sig.
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