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Camry '97 Taking On Water

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My Toyota Camry LE 1997 has been taking on water since i got it this summer. It is concentrated in the passenger side footwells. When i lifted the mats, i noticed that at least in the front, it started from the middle of the front passenger footwell and spreads. I have checked my sunroof drains(clean) and my air conditioner drain(clean). It only happens when it rains, even if the car has not been moved all day.:headbang: Any suggestions?
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Check the weather stripping all around the car. Some was loose on ours and it did the same thing, we jsut popped it back into place but you could probally get some rtv for a better fix.
Have you checked the AC evaporator drain or the air recirc box as water source?
On top of both above, check the rubber connector that goes between the door and the body and make sure it has not popped out.

For the door weather stripping seal, most likely place for a leak there is the bottom, under the plastic trim. You may want to lift the plastic trim off to check. It actually gets stuck to the weatherstripping and will likely pull it off too. Thats fine. Just push it back on, and go around the entire thing pushing it to make sure it is on tight.
I know that when I was researching the Camry, the AC/evap has a tenancy to leak into the passengers side. If it is not your weather stripping, I would have your AC looked at.
I have a 1993 I had the exact same problem. I found out I had a small hole maybe 1/4 of an inch close to under the windshield on the passenger side where one of the welds had cracked. I filled it the weatherizing window sealant i got from home depot and the problem was solved..hope this helps you
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