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Camry hesitates

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I have a 2001 Toyota Camry (4cyl) that I have only had for one year. I have lately been noticing a problem that over this past week has gotten much worse. When I press the gas (mostly if the car is stopped at a light or something or just been started), the RPM's go up but the car hesitates before going. This is very dangerous when attempting to pull into busy traffic and scares me half to death. Then the other day I noticed while at a stop sign on top of a hill, that when I release the break to press the gas the car starts to roll rapidly backwards! The car is an automatic. I am a female college student that always gets screwed by car dealers, etc. when taking my car in to get it worked on... can someone give me some ideas as to what might be wrong so that I can tell if they are trying to fix things that have nothing to do with the problem? Thanks!
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when your press the gas pedal, did you engine rev up like normal (the engine sounds normal)?
it sounds perfectly normal

haven't noticed any leaks
had the oil changed, tires rotated and balanced, front end alignment and new tires on the front in the past two weeks...
no unusual smells or smoke, haven't hit anything
Have you ghecked the transmision oil, might be low and need topping up.
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