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Camry Hit and Run Help

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So as you can imagine I am completely ticked off. I was parked at a gas station and was walking out when a guy with a pickup truck hits my back bumper cover. I was yelling at him to stop but he didn't until he hit it. Then he was yelling and cussing saying he didn't hit my car the damage was previously there, etc. and then he jumped in his truck and took off! So he scratched the top of my bumper cover (it was a lifted pickup) and his tire left skid marks on the side of the bumper cover. I couldn't get his license plate number but I did file a police report with two witnesses.

Also the guys that work at the gas station saw what happened and told me that the guy was a regular and he usually acts like a jackass. I asked them to call me if he came back in anytime soon. They also said that they were going to look at the video cameras to see if they could get the number.

Now here is where I am a bit lost. I drive a 95 Camry with a "Salvage" title because the previous owner had the front bumper cover cracked. Before I got it the bumper was fixed, the car is in great condition with a new paint job, no dents, and runs great. Will this title affect me negatively?
Also, would it be possible to get him to pay for it if I were to get a license plate? What other steps should I take? I've never been in anything like this and it was an awful experience.

BTW, I am in California if that is any help.
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Do you have collision coverage? If you run it through insurance as a hit and run, you'll pay your deductible and it won't be "at-fault" - so your rates won't go up. If you can get the license plate of the guy who hit you and have a police report, your insurance company should help you get your deductible back and go after him for the rest of it.

I would definitely call your insurance company first and foremost, even if you don't plan on filing a claim. I was the victim of a hit and run so I know exactly how you feel. Pissed off and irritated.

I have no idea on the salvage title thing, I always wondered how that goes w/ insurance and stuff.
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