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camry hybrid

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hay i herd toyota was make'in a hybrid camry in 2006. motor trend wrote about it in this mounths issue. has any one eleas herd of it yet????????????
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havent heard about it, but im not surprised- eventually every new car will have to be a hybrid- unless it gets at least 40mpg. ive heard soooo many people digging the prius because of the money savings in terms of gas!

Toyota/Lexus plans to launch the RX330with a hybrid derivative (RX400H) this fall. It's rumoured that the Highlander will follow shorlty after. If these projects are successful, making the Camry a hybrid isn't too far fetched an idea.

Lexus hybrid:
The hybrid Highlanders are due to get here in october.
yes, in '06 we'll have the option of a Hybrid powerplant for Camrys...

sidenote: Toyota's sold some of their Hybrid Technology to Nissan AND Honda, for use on the Accords and Altimas...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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