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camry is home, bearings ripped up

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So i got the toyota home and pulled the pan, oil looked ok no real metal in bottom of pan, pickup screen wasn't clogged but when i pulled the #1 main cap it was toast definatly no oil there but the crank looks almost mint #4 main cap was like new and #2 rod was inbetween those are the only ones off so far but I don't know what caused it. It used to get oil pressure instantly when you started it even on the coldest days now when we went to put it on the trailer it took 20 seconds or better to get pressure and as soon as i sped it up to put it on the trailer it lost it till i idled it down again. It has 30 psi at idle and as soon as you speed it up it drops fast anyone seen this before? I'm thinkin that if i just put bearings in it and an oil pump without finding any real problem i'm probably asking to get to do it again, so anyone have any ideas???? I'm stumped. Oh and thank good it didn't spin any bearings that i've seen yet but only have 3 caps off. I'll know more tomorrow night???:confused:
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I've seen something a camry, no less. the engine was really sludged up badly, coked oil everywhere in the head, and after putting a valve cover gasket in, the oil light came one 7 miles later. all the carbon got washed down and clogged the pickup. When it got towed back, we got oil pressure, but when we drained the oil it was a carbon slurry. new oil, new filter, all good.

just thinking...clogged filter or stuck regulator a possibility? if not, my bet's on the oil pump. Might give the engine a good oil priming with a drill on the pump before it gets the t-belt put back on.
ya thanks think i will try and prime it first im gonna put new bearings in it as the front one is toast but thank god the crank looks great and ya the motor looks real clean the bottom of the pan had absolutely no sludge at all I was suprised to see that. I think i'm gonna put a oil pump, filter and bearings in it and see what happens i don't know what else i could even do???
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