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Camry kill: 2000 Chevy Silverado

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So I was driving to school one morning. I picked up a girl to give her a ride to school and we were out in the boonies. I'm driving behind this 2000 (guess) Chevy Silverado who is driving like a frickn drunk swerving all over the road and driving a little slow as well. I decide "screw this" and pass the truck. A minute or two later all of the sudden I see him charging up on me and I could tell he was going to pass even though I was going 10 or 15
over the speed limit already. Being that I hate truck drivers and this guy seemed like he was foolish enough to (or TRYING to impress the girl with me), I went at it. He had the headstart on me since he built up speed before I decided to race, so he did get ahead of me, but as he started to pull into my lane I already was pulling into the passing lane. I got by him with fair ease going 95. At this point the speed limit went down to 40 and there
was a car a fair distance ahead of us so as I pulled back into the lane I immediately had to slam my brakes to avoid rear-ending the car ahead of me. I had my foot pressed on the
brake nearly as hard as I could. I have to give the truck credit for one thing, I thought he would have rear-ended me since a truck is so much harder to slow down, but he didn’t (or
maybe my brakes are just that bad). Also, the girl I was giving a ride knew the guy and said he is an alcoholic who goes to school drunk all the time (so that confirms my earlier thought). It was his dad's truck that he was able to drive to school that day so maybe he thought it was a hotter vehicle than it really was.

By the way, my brakes are totally shot now. Even at 10 MPH if I stomp the brakes I don’t skid to a stop.

‘94 2.2 litre I4 Camry: still undefeated vs trucks :)
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*Shakes head*

Dangerous shit man. I wouldn't risk that ever. And not with someone else in the car. You gotta watch yourself. Truck drivers don't care about cars. They know who will be coming out of a wreck fine.

Oh! Welcome to the forum:thumbup:

Minnesota you say?:)
Street racing is a no no here in ToyotaNation. :disappoin
Some bastard broke my windshield on the last day of school too...think there's any chance it may have been him?
Sorry about that, I do it to every car I see illegally racing.

I have a 3 Stage Method to cut down on repeat offenders and since this was the first time I seen you do this your at Stage 1.

1) Break Windshield or Side Mirrors
2) Flatten 2 out of the 4 tires
3) Take all 4 tires and steering wheel leaving your car on cinder blocks.

Street Racing is a big no-no..... BTW there is no way unless the guy can't drive can a stock 5S beat a silverado
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