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Camry Meet

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yo im down to meet up also i have a 93 camry
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im down to meet try to set it up
Damn, these west coast and east coast meets are great, but if we could meet halfway some year for a HUGE national/international meet, that would be the coolest thing ever.
In Minnesota!!

It's in the Central US, and then the Canadians could make it too. Or somewhere around. Wisconson or something.

But this would have to be a few day thing. Like 3 or 4 days. And someone would have to figure out accomidations for everyone.

This would be massive.

*It might be better to do a full TN meet. Bring everyone together!
A coast-to-coast TN meet would be the ultimate toyota show. If we could pull something like that off, we would get incredible media attention. I gauged the interest in doing this in Cincy, considering Toyota North-American HQ's are here, but it seemed like it would fail. Minnesota is def. more central, though, and more would come. Maybe in a couple of years we could pull it off.
I know Pulled it off. My brother is on there. They do a yearly one. I could talk to him, and maybe some guys from there and get some info and help.

If we did a full TN meet, we could get sponsors too. Make it a little less heavy on our pockets.:)
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