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Well I have to say I am leaving the Camry family for now. Not TN I love TN :):):):):):):)

Car has been killed (literally) with hard driving and age and many owners. Since I've bought it I've put money into it trying to fix it up and get it nice, but I just don't have the money for it anymore so I'm selling this piece.

What will I buy next? Who knows...

Alas no Camry for me :(

Any recommendations of a good old used car are welcome. I'm looking to spend maybe just over $1000 for a new project car. So anything I could find for that would be great ;)

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For $1000 its kinda limited tho'. You'd end up spending a lot more just to restore/upgrade them. If i were you i'd definately get an 86' Corolla Hatchback "Hachi Roku"'d be a fun beater car. But these cars are hard to find at around that price.

I recently found two 86' corollas hatch back and a coupe around my area. Got both of them for $500. They were just sitting around as junk sad. This will be my spring project ...I'll probably switch all the good parts to the hatch and then rebuild from there.

But Other project cars that come to mind are...1st gen MR2, 1st gen DSM Eclipse with 4G63, Old school starlet, early 90s 240sx, Late 80s 300zx I dont wanna say it.......91 Civic hatchback :p: Its up to you man.

To find some them you gotta get lucky...they're probably just sitting in someones garage lonely and sad. If anything I wanna get those 60s or 70s Celicas....They have circle headlights and look like muscle cars with big tires. That'd be sweeet.

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Just over 1000$? A Rolla ;) Or a nice 4Runner. Perfect to start work on :)

You'll be driving over hondas in no time :D
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