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CorLexusES said:
Entry Rules:
- First off, there will only be 6 entries accepted each month, and they are given out on a first come first serve basis. The earlier you enter, the quicker you solidify your place in the contest.
- Open to all camry/solara owners. The car must still be in your possession and must be recent photos.
- You MUST include a minimum of 3 (good) photos of your camry, and a maximum of 6 pictures. There should be one side shot, one front shot, one rear shot, and an interior and engine shot if you choose.
- You MUST include a list of (current) modifications. Mods not on the car at the time of the photos DO NOT COUNT.
- You MUST include the engine, transmission, color, year and model of your camry.
- Additional information about your camry is OPTIONAL.
- Must have over 100 posts and be a member for more than 3 months to enter.
- If you lose COTM, you can re-enter as many times as you like until you win.

Voting Rules:
- Only one vote per member. You may vote for yourselves.
- Discussion in the voting thread is to relate to the camry of the month voting ONLY.
- Anything offtopic will be DELETED.
- Following the recept of all the contenders, a poll will be posted and it will last 30 days.
- As typical, the camry with the most votes after 30 days will be the winner.
- If a tie occurs, voting will be reduced to 2 camrys and there will be a 5 day sudden death voting period. After 5 days the camry with the most votes becomes the winner.

- Winner will recieve a thread devoted to their camry, featuring as many pictures as they choose to offer, a full modlist, and their own camry story
- Winner will also recieve a signature badge stating "Member Name - Camry of the month Month/Year"
- Once you have recieved COTM, you CANNOT enter for 1 year following your win in order to be fair to others.
Prizes will include
-TN stickers/Shirts (varies by month)
- Free 1yr Supreme membership
- Baller status for being COTM.
Sorry Cory but i thought this needed its own thread
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