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A guy locally is selling this car. He wants me to buy it cause im basiclaly one of the only local yota fanatics and I wouldnt mind having the car. Is the car worth this much ? What are some common probs with this car ? HEs down to $900 o.b.o.

it is a 1991 toyota camry(4cyl, 3sfe ??) 5 speed standard with 254,000 Kms and it is still running strong !


Gas tank and all new gas lines front to back

Fuel pump and fuel filter

4 new struts and strut mounts

rotors ,pads ,shoes

distributor cap and wires and new NGK plugs

new clutch , pressure plate, and throwout bearing

2 new transmission mounts

all new brake lines on the back of the car

Not so Noob now!
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What is that in U.S. currency? About $700? With only 158,000 miles. Heck! That seems like a decent deal to me. I would buy it.

I just sold an 87 LE with 241,000 on the clock for $1600. (had a recent engine put in along with new struts, brakes, axels....)
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