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camry rear plate

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i dunno if this thread belongs in here but what,

i was installin my rear speakers...and i was puttin this piece back on

(image wont show up for some reason, but the cover on the 92 camrys that is behind the rear seats...covers the rear speakers)

and the freakin clip rip a pice of the tweeter, so i gotta return the speaker..and reinstall the shit....but the irony is that the damn plate didnt even fit back in right..its all uneven towards the end...does anyone kno how ur suppose to put this back on?
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i took a picture of what i was talkin about,

as you can tell in the picture, the plate didnt go in right and the rear part of it is very uneven. whats the proper way to put this back in?


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They're always easy to take out, but a beatch to put back in, you just have to do it until all the clips snap into place, take a few trys.
there are 3 metal clips along the back (closest to the rear window) that slide and snap into place on the metal deck below. Sometimes those clips bend and get all deformed. Make sure they're straight before you try re-installing and be patient.
so i just slide all the clips back into the little slots and push it down?
yes sort off. i had this problem last week when i put sound deadening material under the parcel shelf to stop rattles caused by my sub wooofers.

check to make sure that the clips along the rear window side of the parcel shelf board are not bend first. then put the shelf back in but put the clips on the window side in first. then push the rest into place.

hope this helps!
does the shelf go under the side plates? or does it go stay so when u push it is it stays outside...?
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