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Hey !

(ps: my english sucks)

Im planning to buy a Camry V6 LE 1992 ( 5 spd ..... YEAH ! hehe)

210 000km.

I was just wondering ( i know toyota's v6 is a very good motor) if there were important thing that need to be checked before i buy it.



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Up in Canada I would keep rust from winter road salt in mind. Look under the car and around the wheel wells for corrosion problems. Look at and try to wiggle the suspension (front and back). Loose or deteriorated bushings will need to be replaced (no big deal but not cheap, esp. if you have it done at a dealer). Air conditioning systems are hard to check in the cold plus probably not important where you live. It shouldn't chatter when on.

In the engine compartment, how much oil is in the compartment? Cleaner is better. Maintenance records will probably be the most help. Should have had just one around 120000 km. 5 speed is a manual I believe. You should have about 1" play at the top. The engine should die when the clutch is about 1/2 way released, maybe sooner.

Flood damage might be noticed underneath the seats (look for rust) and at the end of the seat belts. Pull them all the way out and look for mold. Run a CarFax report for it.

If you're willing to work on it most everything can be fixed if the price is right.


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Timing Belt should have been replaced at or before 90,000 miles, headgasket should be checked, make sure you don't have any fluid leaks underneath, do a big visual sweep, inside, outside, inbetween.

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the 3vzfe is a fantastic engine.

timing belt
seals and gaskets
sterring rack
belts and hoses
try to pop the valve cover off to see if there is any sludge build up, which there prolly will be some with that many miles, just make sure its not alot.
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