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camry vs accord used retail price

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i was bore so i just did a comparison search between my 96 camry coupe to a 96 honda accord coupe on with 166,000 miles (my camry miles) on each car. base on a consumer retail value, i was amazed that it came out that the camry has less value (about $300 in diffenence) between the accord.

why is that..does the accord rank high price then the camry or what. i also heard that the camry is america's best seller car in 5 straight years is that also true?

96 camry V6 2DR with 166,000 miles
low retail....$3175
mid retail...$4275
high retail...$5175

96 honda accord ex with 166,000 miles
low retail....$3500
mid retail...$4650
high retail..$5450
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96... accord was on top those wasn't until the gen 4s that the cam climbed up
oh ok that makes sense thanks for clearing that up for me cuz i was wondering why the accord had a better value than the camry
Accords always seem to have better resale values, no matter what year. Compare 1998 and 2003 models- even when you take into account the difference in original MSRP, the Accord always seems to have a better resale value.
Arent The Hondas normally more expensive in the first place anyway. IF so that will cause the price to be higher when they are older. Also if there are more available then the price will be lower. THe camry even in 96 was a very good selling car. It is possible that there are more Cmary's available so therefore it will decrease the wholesale/private party value of them. if there are 10 Camry's and 5 Hondas then the Hondas may bring more money. It is all about supply and demand.

As for the Camry being the best selling car the last five years. I believe it is actually 7 out of the last nine years they ahve been the best selling car.
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