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Camry Vs Evo8 and Sti

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I need help rebuilding my Camry to run against the Evo8 and the STi some people say it isnt possible. But hey, its Toyota Till i Die!!! Im having a really hard time finding parts for the 1mz-fe and the 3mz-fe engine. all ideas will be token.

Also in Australia they make the Camry V6 and Manual Drive
i was also wondering if i can turn my V6 Camry Auto into a Manual drive.

The Cars we are Using are
2002 V4 Auto
2002 V4 Manual
2002 V6 Auto
2004 V6 Auto

--TeamdCh-- *NYC*
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Double posting = :nono:

Don't start another thread about the same thing just because your other one got locked. It got locked for a reason. :disappoin
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