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camry won't start

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I have a 1991 camry with a v-6 that is dead. The efi main relay will not energize. I have current at the 15 amp efi fuse. The relay itself is good. The socket that holds the efi relay also has power not sure if the terminal are making contact (will check) anything else I may be overlooking before going to the circuit opening relay?
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is the car cranking? if so, spark? fuel?
I originally thought it was a fuel pump issue. So when I tried to energize the fuel pump through the diagnostic connector, nothing. I checked the b+ and there is no power there. The starter does turn the engine over and there is no spark.
b+ suppose to have a direct +12v. is ur distributor rotor spinning while cranking? what about spark?
I got the engine to start and I let it run for about 5 minutes yesterday. I unbolted the fuse relay panel near the battery looking for a corroded wire and/or loose connector. I bypassed the efi relay and applied power to two siamesed white red wires and I heard the fuel pump so this was my first attempt to start and it did. I did not see the ck engine light turn on with the key in the run position(before start up). I will check continuty between efi relay and ecu. If they check out ok I have the ecu and will replace it.
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