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Camrys with 18's Question

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Hey, how many of you with 18's like the ride quality? It's not too harsh is it?

Also, when winter comes around, can you leave your 18's on, or do you have to put a smaller set of wheels on for better traction, or do the 18's work alright?

Just trying to plan ahead with some new rims.

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My car rides fine w/ 18's pretty smooth..225/40/18... haven't had problems with having them on during the winter. especially with traction.
figure traction would be better with more tread on the floor...
wider tire.
Well I do have a winter out in Colorado, so will they work well in snow, or suck?
I'm riding on 215/35/18 and the ride quality even with it lowered and the Tokicos is still really smooth:thumbup: I don't have real winter here either so I wouldn't be able to tell you. Also, I wouldn't be driving my rims through the snow and salt
Yeah my 18's are an awesome ride and i have 215/35/18....Kinda sucks when you hit bumps in the road though....:D
Am I the only person who rides on 235/40/18's? My car rubs when I go over dips too fast. Do any of you get rubbing with 225/40/18's or anything else?

Oh, and aside from the rubbing, the ride is pretty smooth but you can definitely tell the difference from stock. Compared to many cars out there, your camry will still ride like a dream.
No rubbing here! :thumbsup:
narrower tires are better for winter. More force per ince because teh car is resting on a smaller point which will give the car better traction.
DONT HAVE THEM ON IN WINTER! They will get bent with the pot holes that ice causes. Salt will fuck 'em up and you will wear them out for no reason.

As soon as shit starts freezing, slap your steelies back on.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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