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Camshaft - Corolla

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I am a Mechanical Engineering student and I have to recreate the camshafts of Corolla 2004. The problem that I am having right now is that I ordered the camshafts from the mechanic.

1. Both of them are way different in cam length etc from each other. Why is that so? Is it because one is for exhaust and other fro intake? In that case the manual doesn't say so.

2. Assuming that the two HAVE to be different. But how much different, like, if they are from the same car then the wear should be the same on both where as the used camshafts I have got my hands on have a BIG difference. Like a centimeter or so.

In case the above confuses you. I want to know if the two are different and I want to know the dimensions as I can't get new ones.

Thanks in advance guys.
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corolla 2004 = 1ZZ-FE = Slave Cam = 2 different lenght

in words, you have only one camshaft that is turned by the timing belt/chain, the other is turned by the first
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