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Can 92 toyota corolla auto transmission drop right into 94 corolla....

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Hey my friend has a real beat up 92 corolla(4-afe) he wants to give away for like 100 bucks with a perfectly good 3 spd tranny, axles, engine, struts etc. Fortunatly all i need is the tranny his car looks like this

Basically what i want to know is can the auto tranny from this^^ bad boy drop right into this exact type model 94 corolla with no problem...If so i gots me a free tranny and a ton of spare parts..... :smokin:
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It will fit physically. Same engine family.
But, is your car 1.6 or 1.8, 3spd or 4spd?
I am not sure, but I believe your tranny is electronically controlled and the donor car is mechanically controlled. That would be the biggest problem.
We need more info on the Corolla that would recieve the transmission. Auto or Manual? 1.6 or 1.8?
Since you need one anyway try it and see. Odds are it will fit, and if not then you really havent lossed much of anything and you still have a ton of spare parts.
This is from Wikipedia.
They are the same transmission. Go for it.


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ddamn wikipedia has everything thx guys......


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