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Can Anyone Tell Me The Name Of This Engine

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Hey all, I'm from the 89-95 pickup forum but recently a Previa has caught my eye...

I want to put the engine in my truck and maybe drop a big block chevy into the van at some point... If you could give me any information on the engine and transmission it would be really appreciated. Also, if this engine has a lot of problems and is not worth the time and money please please please let me know, haha
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found out the name, it's a 3C-TE... does anyone have one of these and know if it's any good?
Generally Toyota diesels are extremely reliable. As for the big block Chevy into the van that won't happen. Previas are mid engined, meaning if you do put one in your going to be sitting on it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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