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Can I haul this with an 05 Tacoma- 4cyclinder?

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I still have and love my regular cab 2005 Tacoma. I was thinking about buying a used ATV Polaris.

It weights about 730 lbs. Will this sit okay in the back of the bed?
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Shouldn't be a problem, your truck will just be slower with the extra weight.
Not sure, but you could probably tow your Tacoma with that ATV. :D
No problem. It doesn't weigh as much as my tools and my truck moved them very well.
i use to have a 91 pickup,put a honda 450r in the box,and pull a trailer with a fully loaded polaris 700 sportsman at the same time,it was a workout,but it did it
I've hauled 1200 lbs in back a half dozen times, it's a little squirrelly and you do have to slow down for speed bumps.

Do they put stronger leafs on the 5-lugs, mine takes some effort to bottom out even when loaded, no need for TSB?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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