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Can i use R134 ir do I have to use R12 Freeon on '89 camry...

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I believe my gf's car is running low on freeon.. sometimes it blows really cold, other times its just semi warm air... I know the '89s use R12... I talked to my mechanic and he said Icant just convert the R12 system to R134 just by addding the freeon.. he said that I would have to change the AC compressor thats meant for R134 or it would mess up my compressor if I just added R134 to it. Any suggestiond or is he right? Or can I jsut add R134 w/o messing anything up? lol.. thanks :)
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You'll need to purge the system, vaccum out all old R-12. Go to ebay search for "Freeze 12", get a kit with Leak Stop, oil and feron then recharge the system. You don't need to convert it to use R134a.
You can't just add R134 freon to convert to R-134. They make conversion kits you can get. They have cheap ones that convert the fittings to R134 and it also includes a sealer in it but I think that isn't a good way to convert. They also have a kit that you actually cut the lines and replace the line where the fittings are and they give you a whole bunch of o-rings that you replace. That is the best way I Think. Either way you have to completely evacuate the system of freon and oil and then put the R134 and the right R134 oil in the system. I really don't recommend someone that doesn't know that much about AC doing something like this. Plus if you don't have the tools like a machine to evacuate and recover the freon then you can't really do it because you can't just let the freon go into the air plus you wouldn't get the oil out which you need to get out.
But if i get R12, all i have to do is add a can or 2 right? no oil or anything needed? I may have a couple R12 cans sitting in storage. Thanks for the replies!

Right however my guess is since it does get cold sometimes that the freon is not the problem. I am willing to bet you have a bad receiver/drier. You can try adding a can though. MAke sure if you do add a can of freon that you put it in on the low side. You don't want the high side on with the car running because it could blow up your can.
why do you want to spend so much $ converting it over ? i got my R12 refilled on a 88 for like 35$ and it blows cold air all the time.
i can't believe i read that crap:rolleyes:

1.go to a certified ac repair shop and have them vacume the system out
2.go to a parts store and ask for a r134 conversion kit
it comes with: 3 cans of r134w/oil charge in it already,a hose to put the stuff in, and the fitting to switch the connections over, also the instruction to do it the kit runs for about 30bucks at advance auto parts order to buy r12 you need a permit and if you get a can without a permit then you'll be fined 5k at least and i forgot what the prison sentace was. also it runs about 30to60 a can and most stores no longer sell it
oh ya.. her A/C light has been blinking on and off as well for the past couple days.. uhhh could this also be a sign of low freeon? The compressor turns on and off just fine
There are R-12 replacement, not exectlly R-134a but still legal and enivornmental friendly. That's the Freeze 12 kit. It come with everything you need. R-134a has different compression then R-12. It'll work but not as good as R-12 in a R-12 system. I was a oil problem with R-134a conversion cause oil use in R-12 doesn't mix/dissolve in R-134a. They come up with some new oil and make it possible.
Follow the AC lines and check to see if any fitting/connection got a "wet" look. Its a leak. If you don't find and wet connection, you can just refill it. Just fill it with the same thing DON'T mix them.

Link here for kits:
humm 2wickedtoys forgot after you put the new o-rings on you have the evac the system again, but i have a 87 4runner we changed it over our selfs (my dad has a permit to buy the gas) but all you need todo is take out the old system and run some cleaning solution (more or less comes in the kit) change all the o-rings, hook it all back up again ( you can use the same dryer) and evac, then recharge, this is defently not a do it your self job, if your nighbors are lax and wount notice an R-12 cloud like mine ( we blew an ac line and gas when everywhere) just release the gas and change it over then take it to a shop to evac and recharge
Most shops in my area just add the freeze12 to the existing r12.
And Freeze12 is stocked in many local parts stores, sold without any paperwork.
Pineapple and tercelgts are correct.
The freeze 12 is the way to go. (IE:cheapest/easiest) Plus the pressure curve of it is nearly identical to R12 so no changes are needed to your compressor oil or any orifice or fitting changeout. You definitely need to evacuate the system (removes old refrigerant and any moisture by putting it into a vacuum at about 25hg inches, plus it will reveal if there are any leaks that need to be repaired B4 you add the new refrigerant) Mixing air and refrigerant will result in high head pressure, and poor cooling at best and could lead to bearing journal failure due to moisture contained in the air, or compressor valve failure. Moisture is the worst enemy of the compressor!
Good luck
So I'll still need to get a shop to fix it even if I can get a kit :(
Who got a vaccum pump at home? :p:
Well technically speaking...if the system was dry before, and there is refrigerant pressure still in the system (Above atmospheric pressure or 14.7lbs) you can get away with just adding some freeze 12. Again tho' if it's low...there is a leak somewhere. Some systems will go a year or so until it gets low enough to affect cooling again, so it's your call. Sorry about the vacuum ...Im a contractor in 5 states, but the Al. in my avatar is Alabama not Alberta!:lol:
Good luck,
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