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Can i use this MAP sensor and cressida injectors?

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I was searching for the supra mkIII injectors and i guess the search cross-referenced them. i ended up with results including toyota cressida injectors along with the supra ones. both are light green, and have the same model number listed. anyone know about the injector's?

also, i was searching, doing my research on this forum and i found a link to a website. while looking around the site i found some MAP sensors. don't know if i can use them but they are pretty cheap. let me know. these are my final parts for my turbo setup.

i forgot to mention, i'm doing the 5sfte hybrid, with the mr2 components.
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the injectors will work, but i donno about the mapsensor u might have to do some wiring to get that to work right, imo i would just go with a used a 3sgte 2 bar map, i got mine for like 60 dollars. the dealer wants something around 300 for em
thanks fivesfe. i got myself a 3sgte map sensor. thing is i am not sure if it's 2nd gen or 3rd. i'm not sure if it matters though.

and i called up toyota to see if the cressida ones were the same as the supra ones, and they are. they have the exact same number. so i'm getting my set of injectors for 15 bucks. :thumbup: . then i am sending them away to get them balanced and cleaned.
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