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Starting with the hood open, take out that 10mm hex black screw in the middle. Then take a philips #2 tip and take out the two rubber bump stops for the hood (one toward the driver and one toward the passenger side). Then... along the same area you'll notice a bunch of plastic pushin round tabs all along that area. You ONLY need to take out 1 near each of the headlight. And it would be the Second To Last on each side. So not the one that's right next to the headlight, but the second one away from the headlight.

That basically completes the top.

Under the bumper on the permeter will be a bunch of grayish 10mm socket hex screws so remove those. Then when you get to either end, there will be a BLACK 10mm socket hex screw. Only take one out from each end, the one on the edge of the bumper, you don't need to remove the other 2 next to them.

Then in your wheel well, in front of each tire you'll noticed a plastic tab. Take a flat screw driver and turn it 1/4 turn. Then pull it out, like all the way out. You can't leave part of it in there, you have to pull it out, either take a plyer or something.

One last 10mm hex gray screw is behind that wheel well flap. You can take a screw driver and push the black flap away where the bumper meets the fender. You'll see that 10mm gray hex screw. Just remove it with a socket or a philips screw driver.

also if you have the air dams infront of your front wheel, you also have to remove 2 screws, there to get the bumper off

Pull on each side of the bumper. Pull it forward and at the same time lift the bumper up so the top of the bumper (where it meets the hood) can come off the rails.

And that's it. When I first took it off, i had the car on a lift so I took all the black plastic panels underneith the car off too hehe which wasn't needed. But when you put it back together, you have to make sure part of those black panels slide into the bumper and some of it doesn't. The ones where you took those gray 10mm hex screws are the ones that has to be on the outside or below the bumper, not into it.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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