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CAN/US Paseo/Tercel Meet!!!!!!

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MAY 5 CAN/US Paseo/Tercel Meet!!!!!!

TPC is trying to set up a meet for May 5th so that all Toyota members from southern Ontario and the surrounding states can get together (MI, OH, WI, etc.).


Sarnia, Ontario
Hiawatha Horse Park & Entertainment Centre.

Huge parking lot plus gambling... :)


Google Map Location:,+sarnia,+ontario&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=1&iwloc=addr

What do you guys think? Any suggestions or comments?

Canada Attendees
  1. Gizmo
  2. Methanoxide
  3. Paseoman92
  4. Strete
  5. Terseoman
  6. AstroVannin
  7. TdotTercel
  8. electric_4_ever
  9. ruthereaper
  10. TTercel
USA Attendees
  1. FreebiePaseo (MI)
  2. Stealthseo (MI)
  3. wreckless_paseo (OH)
  5. canopycages (NJ)
  6. budbik (OH)
***A Note for USA Travelers worried about border issues. Refer to this:

Note you DO NOT NEED A PASSPORT FOR TRAVELING BY LAND. The recent change in travel policy by the USA affects only passengers by Air.***

I will be updating this page as often as possible, but for the most current information for this event please follow the link:
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Wow this is such an awesome idea! count me in!
meet cancelled...
If my class schedule allows it, hell ill drive up from FL!
I can possibly make it as well, kinda far away from now so ill have to see whats happening than.:)
Have you heard the buzz on the internet lately? This thing is gonna be huge! :D
really? we only have like 8 people so far lol i hope we have a big turn out though
who do we contact to get the thread stickied?
Paseos n Tercels are the only cars allowed to come?
I think that if people show up, they won't be turned away. It should be a minimum of a running toyota, but if some people trailer the paseo/tercel, whatever. Everything started somewhere. 12 people don't really have the luxury of being selective do they?

I would encourage the 12 whom have committed to the meet to find someone else to bring with. and so on, and so on. I hoping for at least 50 to show.
TTercel said:
Paseos n Tercels are the only cars allowed to come?
Hope not... I might bring the Celica if the Tercels not ready, ha ha ha
Honestly, anyone w/ a positive attitude is welcome. I'm not driving 3 hours to have some ass make fun of our Paseos and Tercels and any other cars that decides to show.
"nobody comes in our house and pushes us around!" Nobody is gonna poke fun at anything that shows up, I would think that more tercel and celica people would show up, if its was an open meet.
For sure it can be an open meet. I've been lagging about posting this in the Meet section for all members to see.
How do we get this "stickied"? It keeps falling to page 2.
hey guys, I will told my paseo team that you have a meet i'm from Montreal
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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