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I have been pipe-dreaming for a few days now about making my xtra cab 4x4 short bed into a long bed. Can anyone photoshop that for me? I'm guessing it's not that hard, but I wouldn't know where to start.

I have never liked how the rear wheel well is so far foward on the short bed and at the same time I need a xtra cab for the kids. Plus I think it would look cool.

My plan would be to buy a long bed and rear frame from a long bed and stretch my frame.

What do you think?

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You could try something like that...but it would be havoc going over rough terrain with such a long wheel base.

The turning radius of the 4WD is crappy enough as it is...but extending the wheel base at least another 18" is gonna make it like a stretch limo. ;)

Are you gonna do this yerself or have a company do the stretch? Gitting a 1993-95 4WD regular cab frame would probably be best. I'm not sure how close the frames are when compared to a 2WD frame. You should be able to find one through or from craigslist... ;)

As I think about this...if you just extend the frame about 18" just behind the extra cab, you should be able to fit the long bed on there. You'll need to make sure you reinforce the extension properly because if you don't, it's got a good chance of folding right there when you load up the bed. ;)

You'll still have to extend the wiring harness, drive shaft, fuel lines, brake lines, exhaust pipe, and parking brake cable. Did I miss anything? ;)
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