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Canadian Venza RSA

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I have 2021 venza hybrid. Its awesome. Im in Canada, Ontario. Im getting 5.4L per 100km. City 70% Highway 30%
Wondering if anyone in Canada has road sign assistance on their venza i thought my had it but it does not and corolla does... I have limited trim. Any idea?
Also my Bluetooth connection is brutal keeps disconnecting and connecting... I did change phone so a little better but frustrating..
Anybody else here with same issues?
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I did go to dealership 3 times and i had software update that was over 1GB which is huge from what i hear and then my s21 ultra was even worse then i took out my note 10 plus seem ok now, i hear its hit and miss, iphone have problems too... next step if its starts happening then they have to contact toyota.
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