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Cannot start the car after power loss.... HELP!

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98 Camry
It was being parked for 2-3 months, then I found out there is no power as I tried to unlock the car using the remote. So I used the key to open the door, and opened the hood to jump start it. Once I connect the battery, the horn started going crazy, and I was not able to start it. So I read the RS3000 alarm menu, and tried the sequence of "OFF->ON->ACC->ON", but it did not work.

What shall I do? The dealership told me that they could remove the alarm system, which is my last resort.
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One more piece of information: when the battery is connected, there is no lighted indicator such as ABS, seat belt and etc on the front panel except the air bag indicator. It seems that the Alarm System disable everything except the airbag...

Please help!
is it stuck in a gear not park? um try disconecting the neg on the batt check the relays check the batt on the remote idk wish i could help more
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