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Cant change a simple bulb

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Hey eveyone. I got a 95 ES300 and I need to change some bulbs but have the hardest hardest time just for some bulbs. Can someone direct me to the right way to change the brake light on the rear winshield and also brake bulb on the rear tail lights? I really appreciate the help. Thanks again.
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Try pushing gently on both sides near the glass and pull towards you.

I've never changed the bulb in 95 ES300, but that's the way you do it in a 98 Camry
For the rear window:

Gently push in tabs in the two ends and then pull the lamp out completely...when out you will be able to see the bulb.

For the rear bulbs:

remove everything from the trunk...then open those screws, remove the plastic panel....One thing i didn't have in my tool box..what was needed was longer rachet attachments. The regular ones' didn't work. a mere 7 dollar investment for a set. The long screws that stick out are the ones you need to unscrew..and then work from there...its fairly SIMPLE! pm me if your still confused.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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