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did enough searching didnt find anything helpfull so.
i bought a 1989 toyota pickup 5spd 4x4 for $500 ,but it needed a windsheild ,and almost every light on it and a tie rod, well i got the windsheild in , but the junkyard i went to didnt have any 89-95 toyota's in it but there is one more 2 check , so i was wondering , would older lights work ?, they look the same
i need 1 bumper turn signals ,1 headlight,1 corner lamp,both taillights and the mirrors ,what yeas interchange beside 89-95 or is there none?
will other year L&R mirrors work?
part stores are expensive and i dont want my drivers side to have all old lights and my passenger side to have all new lights that would be ugly
so i have to buy used stuff or buy all new stuff , used would be alot cheaper , thanks for help

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You are correct.. 89-95
Pickups and 4 runners with most of the parts being interchangeable.

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89-95 pickups/4runners will have a ton of interchangeable pieces/parts

not too sure you'll be able to get these: --- cheaper at the junk yard (i've found that just the rear view mirror at the local pick-a-part was $10)

but i would totally take a look around on ebay motors...TONS of stuff you can find super!

best of luck man

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remember, 2wd corner lights don't work. And the 92-95 4runner corner lights use a different grill mounting system (slide locking tabs, not pop tabs) and wont work.

you should be able to find a headlight on almost any 90's car/truck in the junkyard. the 200mm lenses are pretty universal.
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