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I've got an 89' pickup and it sprung a leak on the rear seal of my steering gear some weeks ago. I pulled the gear and broke it down to replace the seal but I was stopped by a truly unique locking washer type fitting. It looks like a very shallow and large diameter Allen head with the pinion shaft coming though it. Does anyone know where to get the tool for this? Or where I can find someone who rebuilds these things?

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For power steering seal replacement:

NAPA power steering shaft seal # NOS7007

You don't need the whole rebuild kit. A cheap ($5) and readily available NOS7007 seal from NAPA will reseal the input for both the early and later style IFS boxes. It is the same seal used for the PS pump. On the early boxes you can replace the seal w/o even removing the box from the truck.

Toyota Special Service Tools:

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