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Can't remember which stereo question it was...

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But I posted a message that didn't seem to take. Someone was trying to
macth a newer radio to an older Camry.

My response was to go to Wal*Mart (I don't know if the OP lives in the
US...) and get the 'generic' Toyota adapter harness that has both fittings
on it. It will have EIA coded wires (Red, Yellow, Black, Purple, Gray,
White, etc.) and then to plug the mating ends into the car's harness.
Then, follow the wires from the "Old style" harness to the "New style
harness and write down which colors correspond to which pins on the
connector attached to the new radio. This will tell you which pins on the
new connector go to which pins in the old harness. Make sure the keys on
the connectors match, or you'll have it backwards!

Then, you can do one of two things: Keep the harness, cut off the new
connector (unfortunately, you CAN'T just plug the newer radio into the
adapter harness...) and wire it up using crimp connectors, or devise
something yourself using the harness from the old radio and wire it that

If you're lucky, you MAY find an adapter that allows you to plug a newer
radio into an older car; they are out there, but you'll have to hunt it
down. A good place to start (other than the Web) is a local high-end
stereo store or other place that does installations. They may have just
what you need. Or, go to a wrecker's and try to get the harness out of a
wreck, (NOT from the radio! From the car!), cut the connector off the
harness you bought at Wal*mart and splice them together...

Sounds complicated, but it's not really...just have the chart showing the
color codes and the chart you made up when you placed the connectors side
by side, and have some wire cutters, strippers and electrical tape at hand...

Will take an hour or two, but you'll be able to put the radio in NP. One
of the guys at the parts dept at a Toy dealer I worked at had a brand new
AM/FM/CD in his '92 Celica using this method.
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