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Can't shake this shaking feeling

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I can't decide if it is my engine or my tires that are making my car shake . . . or possibly both.

Here are the symptoms:

I notice the shaking mostly between 30-40mph, but I can also feel it at higher speeds, just noticeably less.

It is more noticeable when I am accelerating than when I'm braking.

No noises from inside the car. When I listen with the hood open, the engine doesn't sound as smooth as it used to. I posted a video so you can listen and see for yourself.

I recently replaced the distributor. There was a whole different post for that project. You can check HERE to see what I did, but it may only be important to know that I did not set the timing. I went to AutoZone to buy a timing light and the guy said he didn't feel right selling me the only one that would work for my car because it was $100. He said that I should be fine, since my car was running well. Since then, it has gotten progressively worse. I have adjusted it a couple of times to experiment, but there is still the shaking.

As for my tires, I recently had a flat after a very long road trip. I replaced the front driver's side with a spare that was in the car. I bought this car at an auction almost a year ago, so I have no idea what its condition is. It seems okay, I had it balanced and I am trying to wait until I can afford winter tires before I replace it.

Here is a pic of the spare:
(BF Goodrich Radial T/A)

Here are the other tires:
(Prime Well PS850)

Any suggestions before I take it in to the shop?
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Try swapping tires from a friend's camry for fronts and rears. See if that helps.If yes the problem is with rims+tires combo.
Before you do that be sure that friends camry doesnt shake :) LOLz

I am having the same problem now but my car seat vibrates a lot now.This started happening more profoundly after I put in new front struts and new passenger side axle. I also notice my car shakes lightly when applying brakes at speeds > 60 mph. This used to happen even before I put in new rotors and brake pads. Its very frustrating and annoying as I have spent lot of invaluable time and a ton of money just to get the damn car running properly.

In my case
-I think one or many of my rims are either bent
-Wheel imbalance
-Wheel bearings going bad
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