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cap for extended cab

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i have a 95 t100 4x4 extended cab..trying to figure out what (if any) other trucks it may be compatible with in terms of finding a used seems like the bed dimensions are a bit unique..about 78" x 66"
anyone know if caps from f150s, dakotas or any other similarly sized trucks would work? thanks
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Tundra access cabs, years 2000-2006. Double cab cap will not fit properly.

Here are the two leer 100Rs that I have owned (the gray one was off a 2003 tundra, the black a 2000). My father also has a leer 100XLE (frameless windows) and his cap, as expected, fit the same.

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Yer pretty much stuck with a T100 extended cab topper/cap/camper/shell.

Wanna drive to Vermont fer one? ;) Only $275 plus gas both ways... :D
So what are we agreeing on here: the 1st gen Tundra Access Cab canopies will fit a T-100 Xtra Cab or not?
I guess my last post could have been ambiguous. My opinion is they fit. Both the caps in the above pictures of my truck were Tundra model caps.
looks like it fits ok to me.
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