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2000 Lexus ES 300
149k miles

Hi everyone,

I was driving to work and sensed something wrong with the car. The car was idling at higher speed than normal and when I came to a traffic stop, it died completely. Restart attempt failed. Even to jump start it failed.

Today,I had the battery recharged and tested at Autozone and is fine. I also had the Alternator tested it is fine. The guy told it still could it be the Alternator as they do not test under load. What do you think?

Crank Position Sensor

Appreciate your response.


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Did the battery drain when that happen?

I am sure it's not alternator. Can the car start now? If yes, plug the meter unto the CIG lighter and read the voltage. Regular batter, voltage when car not running is low was 11volt, but once the engine runs it jump to 14v. Once warm up it should go back down to around 13v.

Sound like u have other problem.
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